Radio Broadcast: Christmas Special Edition


School radio broadcast

So far more than 35% of the students at school have participated as announcers in the weekly program which began 18 months ago. Students prepare the script and I assist them with the editing and various adjustments to incorporate music and jingles.

Yes, their English skills will give them a huge advantage as Japan internationalizes. I was impressed by how well they planned and produced the Christmas radio program last week. The MC demonstrated amazing leadership as well as organizational skills, and each member of the group did his/her part with diligence.

THANKS AGAIN to Yoshiaki, Victor and Eddie who inspired the school radio broadcast programs in English in Oyama city. It has now spread to several other schools. They made it so much easier for the rest of us to persuade JTEs and administrators that it was both doable and educational.

This week, at my school, we have had the largest casting: 10 presenters. We usually have two to five announcers. I was impressed by the leadership abilities of the student coordinators and the fact that each member of the group did his/her part with diligence. Most importantly teachers agreed to join in as guests without any reservations and they had a lot of fun with their students during the recording session. My supervisory duty was not much needed this time. I let students discuss among themselves and do everything as they envisioned. I told them that I would limit my role to just approving or rejecting the contents. I required a written plan including topics and the name list of guests and presenters.

Thanks to all again for your support, suggestions, and encouragement. Have a great winter break with family and friends.

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